Sunday, March 18, 2012

Party Boy

This weekend we celebrated four of Nate's friends' birthdays, jam packing our weekend with a series of 2nd birthday parties.

We missed Charlie and Cooper's birthday party last weekend so we spent Saturday with the Teals in Annapolis.  We has this conversation about a million times Saturday morning:

Maura - We're going to play with Cooper and Charlie!
Nate - Cha-wie!
Me - And Cooper.
Nate - No.
Me - No Cooper?
Nate - Cha-wie.
Me - What about Cooper?
Nate - No.

I have no idea why he was refusing Cooper.  But the good news is once we were there, he played beautifully with both boys.  C and C have a lot of cool toys, we got some great ideas for Nate's second birthday.
Charlie, Cooper, Bentley and Nate (DSC00203)
Hmmm, how does this Thomas work?

Sunday was a double-header starting with Declan's second birthday party, a Thomas the Tank Engine theme.  We're sad that Declan and his family are moving to Texas this summer so he's leaving daycare.  Nate and Declan are buddies, they're the closest in age and Tania says they tend to pair up for play.  It was nice to have a celebration with Declan before he leaves.

Declan's Birthday Train Party (DSC00242)
Nate and Sam with their train conductor hats

Then we headed to the Stanyard's house for Ramsey's pizza birthday party.  The day was gorgeous and we were able to play outside for a while before enjoying pizza and cupcakes.

Ramsey's party (DSC00258)
The only thing better than cupcakes, are truck-themed cupcakes.

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