Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick note from doctor's appointment

Based on our appointment with Dr. Band this morning, everything looks/sounds great.  The baby's heartbeat is strong, about 153 bpm.  Aaron commented how different it is to listen now compared to December when we heard it for the first time.  The doctor was able to find it right away and the beat is loud and clear.

I also had my glucose challenge test this week to test for gestational diabetes.  The test involves drinking this liquid that reminded me of the orange stuff at McDonald's.  It wasn't nearly as bad as people led me to believe.  Results should be in later this week.

Big plans this weekend as we're heading to Charleston to celebrate our anniversary and one last get-away before the baby comes.  Two great reasons to relax and spend some quality time together!  Cullen and Ashley are coming to Maryland on Friday night and staying with Guinness for the time we're out of town.  We're looking forward to seeing them, our Christmas visit seems like a long time ago.  And Guinness seems excited about having friends come to visit.

Speaking of the little guy - Kate, Anthony and their dog Hoss sent Guinness this great t-shirt last week.  So while I have no pictures of the human baby to share, here's some of our doggus baby.

Friday, April 16, 2010

3 months to go

Nothing big (except my belly) to report here.  Tomorrow marks the 3 month countdown until our due date.  I can't explain how time has flown and crawled all at the same time.  We're celebrating the start of the third trimester with dinner at Central.  I'm hoping to run into some of the Top Chef people who are out and about here in DC.

We have accomplished a few things in the last couple of weeks - namely ordering the baby's furniture in early April.  We're hoping they come in on the low side of the 10-14 week delivery time frame they gave us.  We also got doorknobs upstairs - yes, this is what constitutes excitement in our house these days.  This weekend will hopefully find us ordering a new bed for ourselves as we continue to anticipate the move upstairs.  So close!

Last weekend I took a trip to New Hampshire to celebrate the impending arrival of Mary-Ellen's daughter.  She's due May 15th and we cannot wait for her to get here.  Mary-Ellen looks great and it was wonderful to see my girlfriends.

I feel great, he or she is moving so much now that it feels almost constant.  Sadly though I have to cross running off my list of exercising until after the baby's born.  I did a couple of miles last night and I'm still paying for it today as I attempt to waddle around the office.  I guess I'll stick to the cardio machines and the pool.  It just seems such a shame to be indoors with this beautiful weather outside.

We have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday and I'll post then with an update on the baby's progress!