Sunday, February 28, 2010

new pictures

We had an ultrasound this week at 20 weeks. Half way there! Everything looks great, the baby is moving all over the place, kicking and punching. My favorite part was when he/she looked right at us and started "talking", opening and closing the jaw like we were chatting. Amazing and so beautiful to see. Also amazing to compare it to the sonogram from 7 weeks. So much growth and still so much more to go.

After the ultrasound, the doctor tried to get the heartbeat on the doppler and had a tough time chasing the baby around to get a reading. I guess Baby Davis is swimming laps in there. Dr. Sine was happy with everything, she encouraged us to pick a pediatrician (done) and sign up for childbirth classes (also done, we start in May). It's to-dos like this that makes the baby's arrival seem so much more real.

Is that a little Jersey Shore style fist pump I see?