Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24 Week Appt

We just had a quick visit with the doctor and everything's looking great. Baby's heart rate is about 140 bpm and they started measuring my belly, I'm 23 cm - right on target.

The baby's kicking, punching and moving pretty regularly. I notice more movement after I eat and especially when I'm lying down. Aaron's been able to see and feel it several times now, although the baby seems to stop as soon as he tries to watch. Disobeying his/her father already.

We're excited this week to get visits from both sets of our parents. Aaron's Mom and Dad are coming Sunday for Aaron's birthday and then on Wednesday my parents come for a long Easter visit. My parents haven't seen me since Christmas so I'm excited for them to see how much baby's growing! Also on the VIP guest list at Chez Davis this week, our very good friend Anthony. We'll only get to steal him for one night but we can't wait to see him.

Other to-dos on our list for the next couple of weeks: order the baby's furniture (first we need to settle the white wood vs. dark wood debate), pick out a paint color for his/her room and hopefully order our own bed for the new upstairs bedroom. That's right, after 17 months of working on it, our move to the new space is right around the corner.

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Spring! It's hard not to be in a great mood when the weather's turning nice and the baby's healthy and growing.