Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Recess

There is a lot of excitement in our house when August rolls around and Congress is in recess. Typically this means Aaron's home in time to see Nate before bed. And this week we've been extra lucky to have some nice family evenings at the swim club.

But the most excitement is reserved for our annual trip to the Outer Banks. We spent last week in Duck, NC with my family and lucked out with fantastic weather.

A trip to Duck means many mornings of fresh Duck Donuts. Aaron and I were glad to share one of our favorite things with Nate.
Duck Donuts (DSC_0027)
Nate loved the sand, the water, the waves, everything. A wave would knock him down, give him a face full of sand and salt water, and he'd smile and run right back in.

As we walked away from our last evening on the beach, my Mom said, "He is his parents child, a beach lover."

PS - A recommendation since I know some of our friends vacation in the Outer Banks - Aaron and I had our date night dinner at the Blue Point Grill and it was great.  Try to get there early and have drinks in The Yard.  We relaxed with cocktails and a beautiful view of the sunset over the Sound.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Haircut

A success!  No fussing, no crying, just smiles and finger sucking.  And he helped clean up afterward so all around it was a good day.

July 30, 2011 (DSC_4358)

first haircut (DSC_4365)

first haircut (DSC_4366)

And the clean up: