Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Full Term

I don't think we knew how grateful we'd be to hear those words one day. At 37 weeks, this baby is officially full term. Meaning he or she can survive on his/her own outside the womb and can arrive any day. Aaron and I are hoping for at least three more weeks before the birthday.

We had an appointment this morning with Dr. Lizardo. He's happy with our progress and the baby's growth. He had some trouble when he tried to get a heartbeat because the baby was moving too much. He commented on what a very active baby this is (I could have told you that by the constant kicks and punches I get all day long) and that we might have an athlete on our hands. Taking our natural athletic ability into account, that's pretty funny. Maybe little Jellybean will be blessed with his/her Uncle Cullen and Aunt Meghan's talent and not my total lack of coordination.

We're looking forward to the long holiday weekend and a visit from the Healy family including baby Meredith!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A wonderful celebration weekend

On Saturday we were blessed with family and friends helping us celebrate Baby Davis at a cookout in Rockville.  The day was hot but thankfully it didn't rain.  A few pictures of the fun.

On Sunday we had Maura's family over for a Father's Day lunch in our backyard.  It was a gorgeous day and a nice way to end our family weekend.  We can't wait for people to come visit again when the baby's born!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One month!

It's June 17th which means our baby is due one month from today! Had a great doctor's appointment this morning, everything's looking good and progressing on track.  My Mom was able to be there and heard her grandchild's heartbeat.  It was really special to have her with us.

A lot of progress in our family these past few weeks.  We moved to seeing the doctor weekly, took a tour of the hospital and preregistered at Holy Cross.  Baby's furniture is here, the room is painted (Aaron is already the best Dad ever) and we'll get bedding, etc. set up.  And after 19 months of work, we finally moved into our new addition!  Still a little work to do but we're 98% of the way there, enough to settle into our new master bedroom.  Pictures to come one of these days.

This weekend we are so lucky to have friends and family coming to town to help us celebrate Baby Davis at a baby shower cookout.  My Mom flew in last night to take care of the food and other arrangements.  My Dad, Megh, Will, Conor, Amy, Flann, Ashley, Kate, Jackie, Anthony and Dave all come into town on Friday.  Aaron's family and most of my cousins come down on Saturday.  Put our family together with our wonderful friends, a moonbounce and beer and I think we're in for a great day!  Just praying for no rain.