Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunshyne Davis

Thank you, Cullen, for providing us with such a colorful range of baby name options.  Sunshyne it is.

As for the rest of our family - we've ruled out anything that rhymes with one of our names (Darren = Aaron) and, sorry Will,  naming our child after the IU starting line up probably isn't going to happen.

Nothing much to report from the doctor visit today.  A little bit of movement in the right direction, baby's happy and healthy in there.  They have submitted a request to the hospital to schedule our induction for sometime after 12/17.  I should know more at next week's appointment.  Of course the doctor had to throw in the, "But you might have this baby before we get to an induction!"  Yeah dude, I've heard that before.

Dr. L did comment on how how impressed he is with how much energy I have.  I largely credit the fact that my insomnia is gone and I'm back to sleeping though the night.  You know those people who can function on limited sleep?  I am not one of those people.

Keep baking baby!  We're excited to meet you but want you as healthy as possible.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Full Term

Today marks 37 weeks of pregnancy and officially makes this baby full term!  We're excited and almost ready.  I spent Saturday and Sunday with a welcome and unexpected burst of energy.  I unpacked boxes of Nate's stuff, cleaned clothes, blankets, set up the bassinet, generally getting things ready to bring our not-so-little one home.  I even started packing my hospital bag.  The biggest two remaining tasks on our to-do list are installing the car seat and the tiny little task of choosing a name for our baby.  Right, that.

Aaron is not at all worried about this.  He thinks we'll just figure it out.  I'm not sure what's going to change in the next 2-4 weeks that hasn't already been decided in the past 37.  I guess our problem is not finding a name we like, it's finding one we love that isn't complicated by other factors.  We have both a girl's and boy's name but I'm worried about them for a couple of different reasons.  And there are a lot of names we both like but don't necessarily love.  Basically, we agree too much and are having a hard time forming strong opinions either way.  It is funny to me how our second and third choice boy names for Nate are nowhere on the list for this baby.  And unfortunately our top girl name options for Nate have been ruled out for various reasons, mostly because people we're close to have used those names for their kids.  So we're taking suggestions if you have any!  Just don't be offended when we don't commit.

Another week of side-by-side.  And you didn't think I could get as big this time, Mom!  Looks like this time I'm carrying a little higher, my butt's a little bigger and my hair a little grayer.  Probably par for the course in 2.5 years.
37 weeks (DSC_1140)

37 weeks (DSC_3664)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

36 week (+2 days) check up

We went in bright and early this morning for an ultrasound and visit with Dr. Shrout.  News flash: I grow big babies.  Baby D is currently measuring 7 pounds, 3 ounces (margin of error +/- 1 pound) and 38 weeks and 1 day (+/- 1 week).  So I'm actually 36w2d, but measuring 13 days ahead.

What does that mean?  Baby is big.  If you assume I go to 41 weeks again, we're looking at 10+ pounds.  The good news is that I have a lot of fluid to support the baby and he or she is head down and has a strong and healthy heartbeat.  All of my vitals look great, blood pressure is excellent and they have no concerns.  I'm feeling good, tired, but overall pretty good.  It's getting uncomfortable especially when I sit for long periods of time because there's no room left in my midsection.  And it broke my heart the other day when Nate asked to cuddle with me on the couch but there's no room left with my big belly!

We're starting to talk about scheduling an induction date.  With Nate, we scheduled the date 3-4 weeks in advance and the doctor told me, "You're already dilated,  you'll never make it to 41 weeks but we'll get it on the books just in case."  Ha!  Nate showed that guy who's boss.  Any decisions about when to induce this time will be based on progress on dilation and effacement. So far, nothing.  But that's not at all uncommon in second pregnancies.  Dr. Shrout suggested looking at the week of December 10th but I'd like to get to 40 weeks before we start inducing.  Doctor was fine with that assuming baby and mom remain in good health.  So we'll see!  Starting next week, I go back in every Thursday until my due date.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


In this season of thanksgiving, Aaron and I are perfectly situated to be reminded of all the things we have to be thankful for.  With a new family member arriving sometime in the next month, we can't help but spend time amazed by the goodness we've been given.

And as if to drive home that point, Kate hosted a beautiful party for us this past weekend.  When she asked me if she could host a get together to celebrate the baby, I was hesitant because I felt like asking for shower gifts for a second baby is a little greedy.  But conflicted because we are so very excited about this little one and it felt unfair not to celebrate him or her just as much as we celebrated Nate's pending arrival.  So I agreed but only on the condition that there weren't any gifts.  And I'm so glad I did.

Sunday was a gorgeous day with beautiful weather and a wonderful opportunity to spend a few hours with some of the women I love most.  My Mom flew in for the weekend and Aaron's Mom drove down for the afternoon.  Kate opened her home to a number of my girlfriends and we had a lovely brunch.  And there was pie, so I was extra happy.

36 weeks
As a compromise on the gift issue, we asked if people wanted to bring something that they bring a donation to A Wider Circle.  Wider Circle is an organization here in Montgomery County that, among other great efforts, has a program called "Well Mother, Well Baby."  They offer classes and support for under-privileged mothers and host baby showers for expectant moms.  I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my family and friends.  Wider Circle accepts used goods but a number of people insisted on buying new clothes, blankets, toys.  It makes Aaron and I so happy to know women in our area will receive all of these wonderful gifts and supplies.  Just another reminder of how blessed we are.

And tomorrow I'll see the doctor to find out exactly how big they think this little blessing might be!  More on that after tomorrow's appointment.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quick Check Up

As we've entered the realm of more frequent doctor's appointments, they're also getting quicker and quicker.  This morning we saw Dr. Band for a brief visit.  Nate was excited to be at Dr. Sine's office but he got over his disappointment of not seeing her when Dr. Band gave him plenty to help with in the check up.  Good, clear, strong heartbeat at 143 bpm.

I'm still measuring big with a lot of fluid so they're going to do another ultrasound in two weeks to estimate baby's size.  Not sure exactly what that will mean for his or her arrival date, but we'll see on the 21st!

After spending a week with my Mom last week, she maintains I can't possibly get as big this pregnancy as I was with Nate.  Below I offer proof to the contrary.

And speaking of my Mom - Happy Birthday, Mom/Grandma!  Here's to all the new senior discounts you'll be afforded now that you're 65.

34 weeks pregnant with Nate:
34 weeks (DSC_3623)

34 weeks pregnant with this baby:
34 weeks (DSC_1028)

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Slightly Belated Halloween

Nate and I flew to Cleveland last weekend for a short trip to celebrate our friend Jackie and Dave's baby shower.  Aaron had to head to Orlando for work so the Bug and I were on our own.  I'm happy to report he was an angel on the flight, no problems getting buckled in which was the sticking point for our Louisville trip melt downs.

The party was great, they hosted it at an orchard and had lots of fall activities like a fire to roast marshmallows and a hay ride.  Nate was in heaven with so many people to love on him.  He loved the hay ride, although he'll immediately tell you, "Papa didn't go on the hayride."  And what's a party without a guy who ends the night by changing into his PJs?
Nate and his Aunties (DSC00843)

As I've mentioned before, three of my four best friends from college are expecting right now.  I'm due first, with Jackie due exactly a week behind me (12/24), Kate due on Valentine's Day and Mary-Ellen due the first week in April.  This allowed for a great picture of three of us with our babies-to-be and Moms all in attendance at the shower.
the Girls, our Moms, and our babies (DSC00854)

Also, although it's so fun to be due in such close proximity to Jackie, what is not fun is being 3 inches shorter and pregnant with my second.  Aaron looked at this picture and all he said is, "Well, you have a history of carrying big babies."  I like the think the horizontal stripes aren't helping either.

The plan was to leave Ohio on Monday afternoon but Hurricane Sandy got in the way by shutting down all DC airports.  So our two day trip turned out to be an 8 day extended visit.  This meant missing Trick-or-Treating in Maryland.  And we hadn't brought along Nate's costume because why would we?

Luckily the storms in Ohio pushed their ToTing back to the weekend so we went to Old Navy and, big surprise, Nate picked out a tiger costume.  Convenient since his costume at home was his absolute favorite thing right now - Daniel Tiger.  Although we didn't have his red cardigan, homemade tiger hat, or wrist watch, he was still a pretty convincing tiger.  And he told everyone he was indeed Daniel Tiger.  Lesson learned, authenticity doesn't score any points with a two-year-old.

Nate scored big in the candy department with a stop at Kate's parents' house.  Another lesson learned, if you want good candy - go to the Dailey's house.  They handed out full sized candy bars.  Of course I had to make sure they were safe for Nate to eat.

Aaron on the other hand, had a very different week.  He too got stranded because of DC airports closing.  But he was not able to stay where he was.  So he rented a car and drove from Orlando to DC.  Then he camped out in his office for a couple of days and then headed to New Jersey after the storm to do the work FEMA does.  Nate hasn't been away from his Dad for this long since 2010 when Aaron went to work on a campaign in Pennsylvania.  That trip ended with a lost election.  Here's hoping this week's results turn out more in our favor.  (And by "our favor" I just mean that we still have two employed adults in our house!)