Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunshyne Davis

Thank you, Cullen, for providing us with such a colorful range of baby name options.  Sunshyne it is.

As for the rest of our family - we've ruled out anything that rhymes with one of our names (Darren = Aaron) and, sorry Will,  naming our child after the IU starting line up probably isn't going to happen.

Nothing much to report from the doctor visit today.  A little bit of movement in the right direction, baby's happy and healthy in there.  They have submitted a request to the hospital to schedule our induction for sometime after 12/17.  I should know more at next week's appointment.  Of course the doctor had to throw in the, "But you might have this baby before we get to an induction!"  Yeah dude, I've heard that before.

Dr. L did comment on how how impressed he is with how much energy I have.  I largely credit the fact that my insomnia is gone and I'm back to sleeping though the night.  You know those people who can function on limited sleep?  I am not one of those people.

Keep baking baby!  We're excited to meet you but want you as healthy as possible.


  1. HHMMMM.....well in that case, I hope you have a girl, because a little boy named Sunshyne might get picked on :-) JK! I cannot wait to meet you, Little One! I keep having dreams that you are a little girl & your name is Sadie. I have no idea why, but know that I love you no matter what, and am so thrilled to have you in our family!

  2. I suggest adding a Princess onto the front of that name in honor of my former students, Princess Abigail and Princess Eleanor. Yes, that was really their names, no they were not royalty. Their mom once told me "every little girl is a princess"

    1. So, Abigail & Eleanor are sisters? O-riginal!

  3. matthew would have been kayla marie if he was a girl. or jocelyn. we never had a chance to figure that out. the list i had for josh was completely different - charlotte was on it. that's the only one i remember. we brainstormed a few boys' names for him including michael andrew, andrew michael and i can't remember what else. but i really wanted to name him joshua andrew. i didn't think we should though b/c matt's uncle has a joshua who is only a couple years older. matt said that didn't matter, so we have our joshua. i'm not giving out any other names that i've rolled around in my head more recently, in case i can ever convince matt to go for number 3. ;)