Monday, November 26, 2012

Full Term

Today marks 37 weeks of pregnancy and officially makes this baby full term!  We're excited and almost ready.  I spent Saturday and Sunday with a welcome and unexpected burst of energy.  I unpacked boxes of Nate's stuff, cleaned clothes, blankets, set up the bassinet, generally getting things ready to bring our not-so-little one home.  I even started packing my hospital bag.  The biggest two remaining tasks on our to-do list are installing the car seat and the tiny little task of choosing a name for our baby.  Right, that.

Aaron is not at all worried about this.  He thinks we'll just figure it out.  I'm not sure what's going to change in the next 2-4 weeks that hasn't already been decided in the past 37.  I guess our problem is not finding a name we like, it's finding one we love that isn't complicated by other factors.  We have both a girl's and boy's name but I'm worried about them for a couple of different reasons.  And there are a lot of names we both like but don't necessarily love.  Basically, we agree too much and are having a hard time forming strong opinions either way.  It is funny to me how our second and third choice boy names for Nate are nowhere on the list for this baby.  And unfortunately our top girl name options for Nate have been ruled out for various reasons, mostly because people we're close to have used those names for their kids.  So we're taking suggestions if you have any!  Just don't be offended when we don't commit.

Another week of side-by-side.  And you didn't think I could get as big this time, Mom!  Looks like this time I'm carrying a little higher, my butt's a little bigger and my hair a little grayer.  Probably par for the course in 2.5 years.
37 weeks (DSC_1140)

37 weeks (DSC_3664)


  1. Dara ± Brendan = Darren. I think it works for a boy or a girl :)

  2. Cullen can also be a boys or girls name.

    I have plenty of interesting names in Denzel, Breaunna, Avon, Jaesean, Quontez, Neh, Cadeau, Sunshyne, Jeryl, Ebonne, Gage, Kurtis, Raynesha, Quayshawn, Shamonte, Javon, Dayme, Azaria, Sytira. Feel free to use any of those.

    1. Sshhhh! Ashley might get mad at you for giving away your possible baby names!

  3. Boy names: Jordan, Cody, Christian, Victor, or Yogi
    Girl names: You are on your own.

  4. That last comment was from Uncle Will, not Aunt Meghan.

  5. You look amazing! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Davis 2. I'll suggest our backup girls name: Jolene. I realize it's not everyone cup of tea. Our backup choice for A was Oliver.