Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Belated Birthday Roundup

Nate's third birthday lasted 9 days.  On his actual birthday, we flew to Florida to celebrate Grandma Shirley's 90th.  Nate was in heaven spending time with his cousins.  He has asked many times since then when we can go back to Florida to see the kids.

with Great Grandma and Millie
Cousins Arianna, Zach, and Ben
Then the following weekend, we had a Handy Manny pool party for the Birthday Boy.  The lucky kid had all four of his grandparents, two uncles, and two aunts all come to town for the party.
Based on this picture, you'd never guess I'm 5'7".
Aunt Flann and Aunt Ashley made birthday cupcakes for the party.  I think they were a hit.