Monday, March 28, 2011


Nate started waving this weekend, so cute. We don't think he's waving as in "hello" instead we think he's saying "bring that to me." As shown in this short video, he waved at me when he wanted more banana.

waving from Maura Davis on Vimeo.

8 months old

Seriously, the kid never stops moving.

eight months old (DSC_4830)
eight months old (DSC_4862)
eight months old (DSC_4859)

We eventually gave up on the chair and moved him to our bed. Moderate success.
eight months old (DSC_4872)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elmo, animals and Aunt Meghan

A lot of excitement this weekend!  Today Nate met Elmo. His friends Cooper and Charlie turned one and they had a Sesame Street party with a very special guest. Nate seemed to like the big red guy. His poor little friend Ramsey didn't fare as well - can you guess which one is Ramsey in this picture?

Nate was more impressed by his weekend visitor - Aunt Meghan.
playing with Aunt Meghan (DSC_4737)

With Meghan in town and nice weather, we thought it would a good time to take Nate on his very first trip to the zoo. He fell asleep before we made it to the kid's part of the zoo where he could get up close and personal with the animals. But he seemed to enjoy what he saw and we're looking forward to taking him back again soon.
with Dad and Mom at the zoo (DSC_4734)