Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 months

Once again another month has flown by and we have no idea where it went.  The big news here is that a few days before his ten month birthday, Nate started walking!

He's been taking a step here and there for the last couple of weeks but never more than one or two steps.  Last week at daycare pick up I put him on the floor, standing up, Tania held her arms out and he just toddled across the floor 6 or 7 steps, right into her arms.  It was so cool.  He did it again at home from me to Aaron.  And then this weekend he went on a streak and took a lot of steps at the Pratt's Memorial Day bbq.  But he keeps trying to run which just causes him to face plant.  So he seems to prefer crawling for now because it's much faster.

ten months old (DSC_5233)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

May - part 2

The second trip we took this month was to Florida for several family visits.  The three of us flew into West Palm and started the trip with a visit to Aaron's Grandma Shirley.  Nate was an angel on the flight and loved visiting his Great Grandmother.  The open floor plans in the newer homes were heaven for him - lots of room to run around.
grandparents and great-grandmother (DSC_5220)


We spent the other half of our trip in Miami for a family bar mitzvah.  It was a nice celebration and Nate got some quality time with his Davis grandparents.
the Davis Family (DSC_5175)

We finished the trip back in Boca with a visit to Aaron's cousins, Aunts and Uncles.  David and Jess hosted a pool party for our visit and Nate got his first experience in the pool.  Loved it!  He had no qualms about putting his face in the water or blowing bubbles.  It was a great afternoon and the perfect way to end our trip.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May - part 1

Holy cow, what happened to the month of May? I can't believe kids are finishing up their school year, Memorial Day is right around the corner and June starts next week.

I've been out of town for more than half the month.  Our May travels started with a trip to Chicago for work.  I had to be there for eight days and Aaron can't get to daycare before they close.  So Nate came along!  And as a last minute surprise, my friend Dawn (inspiration for Nate's picture a day) was also in town.  Which is remarkable if you know that Dawn lives in San Francisco.  It's been almost two years since we got to catch up in person although it felt like no time had passed.  And thankfully Dawn's the mother of a little boy so she didn't think anything of Nate figuring out how to wiggle out of his highchair and climb up on the dinner table.

Thank goodness for Dara who generously offered her time and watched Nate during the day while I was in meetings.  Nate seemed to love his time with his Aunt Dara and (dog) cousin Jackson. Whenever Nate napped, Jackson was right there next to him.
Nate and Jackson

Aaron joined us in Chicago for the weekend and took Nate home with him. They had a nice boys weekend including Nate's first trip to a MLB game.  Aaron and I love Chicago and were so happy to share one of our favorite cities with Nate.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dino Ride

IMG_0034 (1) a video by ajd, mhd, njd & gsd on Flickr.

Santa did a great job this year and brought Nate one of his very favorite toys. Our house is too small to get much walking in so we took him out for a spin on the sidewalk.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

9 months old

Another month flew by and our baby is nine months old. His nine month check-up was great, he's growing on track and meeting all the milestones they're looking for. Hard to believe we're approaching the point where Nate's been with us longer than I was pregnant with him!

Click here for a recap of his monthly birthday pictures.

nine months old (DSC_5097)
nine months old (DSC_5096)