Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 months

Once again another month has flown by and we have no idea where it went.  The big news here is that a few days before his ten month birthday, Nate started walking!

He's been taking a step here and there for the last couple of weeks but never more than one or two steps.  Last week at daycare pick up I put him on the floor, standing up, Tania held her arms out and he just toddled across the floor 6 or 7 steps, right into her arms.  It was so cool.  He did it again at home from me to Aaron.  And then this weekend he went on a streak and took a lot of steps at the Pratt's Memorial Day bbq.  But he keeps trying to run which just causes him to face plant.  So he seems to prefer crawling for now because it's much faster.

ten months old (DSC_5233)

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  1. That's my boy! A Godmother couldn't be prouder than I am of you, little buddy! The next time I see you, let's go for a jog together! I love you, sweet boy!