Friday, June 10, 2011

favorite activity

For a while Nate's been fascinated with opening and closing doors.  Now he loves opening drawers or doors and putting things inside. Then closing the door.  Then opening it again, removing the object and finding a new place to repeat his favorite past time.  As a result, I've started finding things all over the house.  Like a thermometer in Nate's dresser drawer or a block in with the pots and pans.

Here's one of my discoveries from earlier this week:
doesn't everyone store syrup in the dishwasher?

The other day I was fast enough to grab my phone and capture a little of his playtime on camera.  He's holding one of those suction bulbs they give babies in the hospital.  Sorry it's so choppy, my phone was being weird.

After I stopped recording, we went into the our room and Nate crawled back towards his bedroom.  A moment of silence and then I hear a splash and then a thump.
At least he remembered to close the lid.

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  1. It amazes me how determined he is. He is so smart & independent, and obviously very observant. Clearly he's seen Mom & Dad open/close things like that...he probably thinks that's what you do. Just open a door, put something in, take it back out, move it around :-) And the syrup, too funny! Crazy to think this is the same little dude who was a newborn not too long ago!