Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 months old

Time for his three month photo shoot.  Aaron's out of town for a little while, he's in Pennsylvania helping his boss campaign for reelection.  Although we miss him tremendously we're just hoping for a win in next week's election.  While Aaron's out of town, my Mom was kind enough to take a a coupe of weeks off work and come help me with Nate.  This past Wednesday we celebrated his three month birthday.  It was one of those horrible mornings, starting with a flat tire in the pouring rain while I was wearing a skirt suit and heels.  But spending a few minutes taking these pictures reminded me how lucky we are to have such a happy little guy.

He is still growing but he seems to have slowed a bit, falling closer to the 60th percentile in weight.  He is still sleeping like a champ, typically 10-12 hours every night.  Aaron and I are convinced we're in for some major sleep deprivation with our second child because there's no way we can get this lucky again.

Sadly, three months old means the end of my maternity leave.  I head back to work full time on November 1st.  There have been a lot of tears over here and none of them from Nate.  We were fortunate to find a daycare opening in the same daycare as our good friends so we feel very comfortable and confident that we're leaving Nate in good hands.  But that won't stop me from missing our days together!
3 months old (DSC_4144)
3 months old (DSC_4145)


I have no idea what happened to the month of October.  I swear, one minute we were celebrating Nate's Christening and the next minute it was Halloween.  Somewhere in the middle there we managed to squeeze in our annual trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch.  A lot of cute pictures but one of my favorites was from brunch.  These are the same friends were Nate's first play date a couple of months ago.  Charlie, Cooper, Nate and Ramsey.  Such cute little guys but growing up so fast.
Nate gets kisses from Ramsey (DSC_4093)

And even though he's not looking at the camera, I love this picture of our family.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Months Old

Last week was Nate's two month birthday which brought his two month check up and vaccines.  He was a trooper with the shots and tipped the scales at 12 pounds 11 ounces.  Growing like a weed!
2 months (DSC_4002)

Yesterday we celebrated Nate's Christening with family and friends.  He was lucky to have all of his Harris aunts and uncles in town to help mark the occasion.  Nate squawked a little during the baptism but he didn't mind the water on the head.