Friday, June 22, 2012

In Other Family News

We have been so blessed with good news lately, it's been a wonderful start to the summer.  And the latest in our string of good fortune is Aaron's new job.

After 11 years on Capitol Hill, today is Aaron's last day in Congress.  He received a Presidential Appointment to serve as the Director of Legislative Affairs at FEMA. Aaron has worked so hard for so many hours in a job I would find endlessly frustrating.  But none of that hard work was for naught.  Back in 2010, when his boss lost reelection, Aaron was flooded with calls and emails from people in both parties offering to help him find something new.  And again when he was approached and nominated for this position, there was no shortage of people stepping up to provide praise and support.

Many times my Uncle David has told us kids a version of this advice - sometimes your name is the only thing you have so make it mean something.  My eyes well up with tears of pride when I realize how much the name Aaron Davis means on The Hill.  Through years of hard work, respect and just being himself, an all around nice guy, Aaron has created a positive name for himself in an industry where having a known name isn't always a positive thing.  Nate and I could not be prouder.

Next stop?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's All Nate's

Nate is big into declaring people's possession of things.  Mama's glasses.  Dada's phone.  Guinness' blanket. Except recently, it's all Nate's.  "Mama's Kindle?  Nate's Kindle!"

We're typically talking about material objects, things that we can remove from his hands (if necessary) and relocate to the rightful owner.  But last night he laid claim to something that's going to be a bit trickier to explain.

PS - This wasn't the answer I was expecting when I asked the question.  The answer is usually "Baby Millie."

Monday, June 4, 2012

On the Road Again

This time to Erie, PA to help celebrate my cousin James and his new bride Leah.  Add another 700 miles to our 2012 total!  Drive was easy and we arrived in Erie just in time for lunch with half the Harris family before the ceremony.  Nate skipped the church and went back to the hotel with his future-aunt-once-removed (more on that later) as his babysitter.  In between the ceremony and the reception we all headed to the hotel for drinks and catching up in the hospitality suite hosted by my uncle and godfather, Uncle Paul.  That's when the fun began!  Nate decided it would be fun to spin in circles in the hotel room.  He was happy and entertaining himself, until the entire room heard an enormous thud and an ear piercing scream.  Please tell me how the one person in the room who hasn't been drinking ends up the only person in the emergency room?

Erie 6/3/12

Fortunately it was nothing that three stitches and a lollipop couldn't cure.  The people in the hospital were very kind and when we told them we were in town for a wedding, the doctor said he'd do his best to get us back in time for dinner.  I think he was kidding.  But sure enough, dinner was going down just as we walked into the ballroom.

The wedding was lovely and it's always great to see family.  I know they don't read this little blog, but I wish James and Leah nothing but years of happiness and friendship.

And in other Harris family news, we're going to have a wedding of our own!  My brother Cullen proposed to his girlfriend of 10 years (I think that math's right, Cullen?) on Friday.  The ring is gorgeous and the proposal story is just perfect.  I can easily speak for everyone in my family when I say we're thrilled to be officially welcoming Ashley to our family.

Cullen recently accepted a job teaching and head coaching basketball at a high school in Louisville, KY.  I've already priced out flights for a visit this fall to their new place.  I'd say that Nate can't wait but since he's always called her Aunt Crusher, I think he's pretty clueless as to what's going on.  But based on his love of dancing, he'll be pretty enthused when it comes time for a wedding reception.  Let's just hope this one does not involve a Nate trip to the ER.

Friday, June 1, 2012

California (part 2)

I'm sorry to have left you in suspense as to what exactly would follow "part 1" of our California trip!  I'm sure you've been checking every day.  I'll make it worth your while with adorable pictures of a bitty baby.

As previously mentioned, Nate was a trooper at Disney and we were able to spend the entire day there. We left around dinner time, stopped for burgers at In-N-Out.  Then we drove to Santa Monica for the real reason we were all in California.  Meeting baby Millie.

photo courtesy of Dara who is quick with the camera

We're happy to report that Nate, although mostly apathetic, seemed to enjoy the idea of his baby cousin and their meeting was peaceful.  My attempts at getting a decent picture of the two of them, however, was not so successful.  Although blurry, this is perhaps my favorite.  Nate was kind of obsessed with the "baby's seat."  When I held her, he liked to remind me that she had her own seat.  I beleive he was suggesting she might be more comfortable there than in his mama's arms.

"baby's seat" (DSC00415)

Millie is a little angel.  She's quiet and calm, the perfect baby.  I couldn't help the tears when we left.  She'll be so much bigger the next time we see her!  Until then, we try to talk with Nate about her everyday as we anxiously await our next visit.

As a happy coincidence, Meghan and Will were also in LA one of the days we were there.  We were fortunate to have a Friday night dinner with the Beers, the Davises and the Schnakenburgs.  Nate was in Aunt heaven.