Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's All Nate's

Nate is big into declaring people's possession of things.  Mama's glasses.  Dada's phone.  Guinness' blanket. Except recently, it's all Nate's.  "Mama's Kindle?  Nate's Kindle!"

We're typically talking about material objects, things that we can remove from his hands (if necessary) and relocate to the rightful owner.  But last night he laid claim to something that's going to be a bit trickier to explain.

PS - This wasn't the answer I was expecting when I asked the question.  The answer is usually "Baby Millie."


  1. HAHA I love the face at the end - so pleased with himself:-) Audrey tells me all the time that she is in fact, carrying baby brother in HER belly. Toddlers...they can't let us have anything, can they?

    CONGRATS TO NATE...and you guys too:-)

  2. YAY! Nate's already telling his baby brother/sister who runs things.

  3. YAY! So I can talk now? Yay for Nate's baby! I was once the only child, and my Mom also had a baby in her belly...and I was so blessed to get Nate's Mom!