Friday, June 22, 2012

In Other Family News

We have been so blessed with good news lately, it's been a wonderful start to the summer.  And the latest in our string of good fortune is Aaron's new job.

After 11 years on Capitol Hill, today is Aaron's last day in Congress.  He received a Presidential Appointment to serve as the Director of Legislative Affairs at FEMA. Aaron has worked so hard for so many hours in a job I would find endlessly frustrating.  But none of that hard work was for naught.  Back in 2010, when his boss lost reelection, Aaron was flooded with calls and emails from people in both parties offering to help him find something new.  And again when he was approached and nominated for this position, there was no shortage of people stepping up to provide praise and support.

Many times my Uncle David has told us kids a version of this advice - sometimes your name is the only thing you have so make it mean something.  My eyes well up with tears of pride when I realize how much the name Aaron Davis means on The Hill.  Through years of hard work, respect and just being himself, an all around nice guy, Aaron has created a positive name for himself in an industry where having a known name isn't always a positive thing.  Nate and I could not be prouder.

Next stop?


  1. Hard to think of someone who deserves this more that Aaron. 2012 kicking serious butt in the Davis household!

    Just remember all of us little people, Aaron!

  2. Go Aaron! What wonderful news for all of you! 2012 is the year for the Davis clan, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving family. With love from us in Boston, Kara

    (ps...had a dream you were having triplets, Maura! Talking about blessings in abundance!) :) xxoo

  3. I can't believe I missed this - I got goosebumps reading it - so proud of Aaron - congratulations!!!!