Tuesday, November 20, 2012


In this season of thanksgiving, Aaron and I are perfectly situated to be reminded of all the things we have to be thankful for.  With a new family member arriving sometime in the next month, we can't help but spend time amazed by the goodness we've been given.

And as if to drive home that point, Kate hosted a beautiful party for us this past weekend.  When she asked me if she could host a get together to celebrate the baby, I was hesitant because I felt like asking for shower gifts for a second baby is a little greedy.  But conflicted because we are so very excited about this little one and it felt unfair not to celebrate him or her just as much as we celebrated Nate's pending arrival.  So I agreed but only on the condition that there weren't any gifts.  And I'm so glad I did.

Sunday was a gorgeous day with beautiful weather and a wonderful opportunity to spend a few hours with some of the women I love most.  My Mom flew in for the weekend and Aaron's Mom drove down for the afternoon.  Kate opened her home to a number of my girlfriends and we had a lovely brunch.  And there was pie, so I was extra happy.

36 weeks
As a compromise on the gift issue, we asked if people wanted to bring something that they bring a donation to A Wider Circle.  Wider Circle is an organization here in Montgomery County that, among other great efforts, has a program called "Well Mother, Well Baby."  They offer classes and support for under-privileged mothers and host baby showers for expectant moms.  I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my family and friends.  Wider Circle accepts used goods but a number of people insisted on buying new clothes, blankets, toys.  It makes Aaron and I so happy to know women in our area will receive all of these wonderful gifts and supplies.  Just another reminder of how blessed we are.

And tomorrow I'll see the doctor to find out exactly how big they think this little blessing might be!  More on that after tomorrow's appointment.

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