Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I caught Nate sitting still for once and used it as an opportunity to capture the names he's getting better at pronouncing.  Here's a list of the people Nate loves.  (not all inclusive)  He gets sick of preforming near the end so Uncles Will and Brendan shouldn't take it personally.

I started with the easy ones, people he sees everyday.  And then his beloved muppets (forgot Grover and Oscar, oops!) and finally on to family.  If you want to fast forward to family, it starts around 1.05.  Especially the way he says Cullen makes me smile.

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  1. HOLY COW!! I've been home for, what, like 2 1/2 weeks? He didn't say my name anywhere NEAR that clearly when I was visiting! I LOVE how he said Zayda! I also love that Conor is still 'Non Non.' I remember at Christmas, we were all heading out (taking our usual 20 minutes to get everyone together). Uncle Conor trapped Nate between his legs & the door and I remember Nate laughing so hard and saying, "Non Non!" Such a lovable little guy! I miss you, my little man.