Friday, March 23, 2012

Maybe We Watch Too Much HGTV

Every couple of years, Aaron and I forget what a pain in the butt home renovations are and we decide to do another one.  In 2006 we gutted and rebuilt our condo kitchen. (gosh I loved that kitchen)  In 2007 we again gutted a kitchen, this time in our house.  And then in 2009 we decided to rip the back off of our house and build a dormer, adding two bedrooms and a full bath.

As you can see, it's been a couple of years of peace and quiet.  So last week we began renovating our downstairs bathroom.  This project was badly needed, the bathroom is the original (1947) and only the toilet has been updated.

Here it is, the day we moved in:

1st floor (DSC_0676.JPG)

And here it is last week:

Day 1 (DSC00180)

So much better, right?  Despite the fact that the second picture there has the old cast iron tub, that went too and was replaced with a new tub.  The work is going quickly and we're hoping to have it almost done next week. Almost done because one very important piece is backordered - the toilet.

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  1. We're bathroom reno buddies! Although I'm seriously jealous yours will be done next week. We are about 3 weeks out...obviously we weren't thinking when we decided to move all of the plumbing...a few feet/inches. lol!

    You'll have to give us some tips if/when we add the second floor like we plan - did you guys move out while the dormer was going up?