Friday, March 16, 2012


Last weekend we took a family trip to Chicago (nate = ca-cago) to visit Dara and Brendan.  Little did we know when we were planning the trip back in January that we would be their last Chicago house guests.  Next week, the Beer family is packing up and moving to California.  We are excited for them but sad that our little niece or nephew will be so far away.  Plans for a spring visit to LA are in the works.

Chicago is one of our favorite cities and we were glad for the opportunity to see the Beers' new house and explore their neighborhood.  We even got to meet their new renters!  Dara and I took Nate out for a walk and when we walked past the fire station Nate was invited inside to sit in the truck.  The firemen were very nice and although Nate was totally overwhelmed, it was an exciting afternoon.


I would say the firetruck was the highlight of the trip except that Aaron would absolutly disagree.  Saturday night we had dinner at Gibson's, one of Aaron's favorite restaurants.  Nate wasn't terribly impressed (several bites of steak were spit back into my hand) but the rest of us were very happy and enjoyed a great meal with a toast to Dara and Brendan's 2nd anniversary, their move and Baby Beer's impending arrival.
Nate with Aunt Day-ya and Uncle Brendan
I really need to figure out how to work my new camera.  Aren't point-and-shoots supposed to be easier than the digital SLR I'm used to?

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