Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hectic May Begins

We're laying low this weekend, relishing the only weekend in the month of May when we'll all be in Maryland.  Last weekend was a preview of our crazy travel schedule as we split up and headed to opposite coasts.

Margaret and Mom went to Philadelphia to celebrate our cousin Makenna's first holy communion.  Margaret was a perfect doll baby, she got passed around all day being held by different people, some not even related to us in any way.  And because we weren't rushing home, we were able to spend the night with my cousin Kelly and her girls during which time Margaret managed to score some adorable pink patent leather loafer hand-me-downs amongst other wonderful things outgrown by Makenna and Greyson.  Now we just have to wait another 5 years or so before she's big enough to wear them!

girl cousins (DSC_0211)
Greyson, Shailey, Avery, Marg, Makenna, Emery, and Ryan
Meanwhile, Aaron and Nate were enjoying a long weekend in LA to celebrate Millie's first birthday.  It is almost impossible to believe it has been a year since she was born.  What an amazing little girl!  Nate's been talking about Millie, Jackson Dog, and Uncle Brendan all week.  No doubt he had a great trip and would like to head back to California soon.  (Hoping Aaron has some pictures from the weekend, will post if I can find them.)

Tomorrow we're taking Nate on a mystery trip.  We're taking Margaret too but, really, everything is a mystery trip for her.  More to come after the mystery is revealed!

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