Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I made it through another DDW and this year we took advantage of the fact that I was in Orlando.  Aaron and Margaret flew down Tuesday afternoon and my parents brought Nate on Tuesday night for a vacation in Disney World.  It was a great week with a lot of activity and exhaustion.  We stayed on property making getting to and from the parks very easy.  But the days were long and we discovered that while Nate will gladly nap in a stroller, Marg will not.  We were very thankful to have four sets of hands (and an Ergo) to take turns holding her when she needed to nap.
Animal Kingdom

I can't believe how much we crammed into our time in Orlando and I'm sure things will be totally different the next time we go.  We didn't spend time at Epcot because there isn't a lot for someone Nate's age.  But we spent three full days at the Magic Kingdom (and could easily have filled another), a day at Animal Kingdom, and a day at Hollywood Studios.

No doubt, the best part was Nate's reaction to the characters.  On our first night we had dinner at Chef Mickey's.  When he saw Minnie Mouse, he stood up in his chair and started calling, "I'm over here, Minnie!"  And with each character he jumped out of his seat and held their hand.

The characters were such a hit, we booked two more character meals.  One with the Disney Junior characters and another with Pooh and friends.  Nate was in absolute awe.  And we were thrilled to be able to skip the long lines at the character meet and greet stations through the parks.  Worth every penny.  (And the food was surprisingly good!)
Crystal Palace


Except for one line.  We did wait in line (indoors) to see Buzz and Woody.  Because, come on.  Who could pass up the opportunity for this?

Lucky for us, Nate decided to enter the "I refuse to look at the camera" phase just in time for our trip.

Hollywood and Vine

Animal Kingdom

Nate is still talking about the roller coaster.  Far and away his favorite ride.  Luckily there is a kid's coaster, Barnstormer, because he isn't quite 40 inches tall, the required height for most of the roller coasters in Disney.  On our last day, he chose to ride the coaster three times.  Hands up every second of every ride.


Oh and this one?  Another water baby, just like her big brother.
An evening at the pool

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