Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Updates

Life around our house has been fairly uneventful.  Aaron's traveling a lot for work so Nate and I have spent the last couple of weeks mostly on our own.  Fortunately he's a great kid who is generally very happy and easy going.  Unfortunately he is two and this means the occasional bout of irrational behavior and, in the case of this morning, peeing on the floor.  Aaron returns home from a week in Seattle this evening and we are all very much looking forward to being together as a family.  Probably Guinness most of all.

This Thursday, my Mom flies in from Cleveland for a long weekend visit.  I will be occupied with other things (over $18k raised so far, thank you to all of you who've supported my team!) but let's be honest, she's not here to visit me.  Originally we weren't sure when Aaron was coming home from Seattle so my Mom graciously offered to come watch Nate in case Aaron was still out of town.  Once we determined Aaron would be back in time, surprisingly Grandma didn't want to cancel her plans.  And I think she's leaving a very jealous Papa at home.  Good news for him, we'll be flying to Ohio in two weeks for Jackie and Dave's baby shower.

And of course, the end of October means Halloween.  Nate's costume is almost ready although I suspect very few people will know who he's supposed to be.  Unless you have a two-to-four year old and watch a lot of PBS Kids.


  1. Did he select his own costume this year? Who taught him to per on the floor? Silly kid!

  2. Please tell me he's Super Why (or Nate)...because we've got Super A.