Tuesday, October 23, 2012

32 Week Baby and One Funny Kid

Yesterday we went in for our 32 week ultrasound and check up.  Happy to report that baby is healthy and growing.  Based on the measurements, they're estimating another good sized bambino - we're already measuring at the size of a 33 week baby.  If he or she comes on time, no more ultrasounds.  Which made me momentarily sad until I realized that means we're going to get to meet your little one in just 8 weeks!

While in the ultrasound room, the technician asked if we'd like to see a 4D image.  I've never had a desire to have a 4D ultrasound.  Because of the blur when the baby moves, to me they look like mutant aliens.  She offered to turn it on and then switch it off if we were disturbed by the images.  But instead I burst into tears when she caught the baby holding still for a second and we saw his or her little face.  This baby looks exactly like Nate.  Aaron promised to scan the image in this week and then we'll share.

Other findings from the ultrasound - lots of hair and a mover/talker.  Baby is still head down which is always good news.

The ultrasound was followed up by an uneventful appointment with Dr. Resta.  Heartbeat is 150 bpm.

In Nate news, he continues to amuse and entertain us daily.  This morning he was lagging behind as I was trying to get us downstairs to get out the door.  I was bribing him with a toy I was holding so I said, "Nate, come see what Mom has for you."  Without hesitation he shouted, "Is it money???"

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  1. Well, was it money? Money is a good toy to 'play with!'