Friday, September 28, 2012

Another Healthy Appt

Went for our 28 week check today and everything is looking good.  Strong heartbeat although baby wasn't moving much thanks to the sugar coma I'd induced by drinking my glucola. With Nate, I tested high at the one hour and had to go back for the three hour.  The one hour stuff isn't bad.  But I remember the three hour  being disgustingly sweet.  Here's hoping we can avoid that this time around.

My jaw practically hit the floor when Dr. Sine said she'd see me in two weeks.  How are we already at the point of visiting every two weeks?  We compromised though with my already scheduled 32 U/S in 3.5 weeks.  So we're back on October 22nd to see the little one on the big screen again.  Can't wait!

Update: Good news is that my glucose tests were well within normal so I can skip the three hour!

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  1. Yay for positive updates! I say this is I polish off a king size bag of Cookies n Creme Drops....glad I'm not taking that test ;)