Friday, September 7, 2012

More Travels

Last Saturday we hopped on a plane and headed to Louisville to visit Cullen and Ashley in their new place.  I've written many times about what an angel Nate is on flights.  We've flown dozens of times, short and long flights, all without incident.

He must have read these posts and decided to make a liar out of me.  He had a major meltdown for the first 30 minutes we were on the plane.  Buckling in his car seat was the cause and nothing was talking him out of the fit.  Not treats, toys or even an offer of apple juice, a treat he's never had.  Although we usually subscribe to the "ignore" theory in handling temper tantrums, it's kind of hard to do when you're on the plane and the flight attendants are saying he has to be buckled in before the plane can take off.

Of course just as quickly as it started, it stopped and he was happy for the remainder of the trip.  Thankfully we had really lovely people sitting in front and behind us.  I took a great piece of advice from Dawn and offered to buy those around us a drink.  No one took us up on the offer but I think that helped express that Aaron and I were well aware how frustrating it is to be subjected to a screaming two-year-old.  If Nate's any example of a typical child, I'd fly with a six-week-old a hundred times over before a 25-month-old.

Temper tantrums exhaust both toddler and parent.
Once we got to Louisville, Meghan and Ashley picked us up and the fun began.  Nate was in heaven with two aunts and two uncles to wrestle, play, and mess with.  We visited the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.  Nate got a mini bat as part of our tour and I happen to know his Aunt Ashley and Uncle Cullen bought him a special Christmas present while we were there.

Although he fell asleep during the factory tour, he managed to squeeze in some batting practice before hand.  Not sure it sunk in though because yesterday he ran around with his mini bat calling it a golf club and putting things on the ground.  I know he idolizes his uncle but the sports cross over is starting to confuse him.

And to round out the baseball themed week, back in DC we went to see the Nats and the Cubs play last night.  Nate loved it, lots of dancing and clapping.  And hot dogs!

It was an exciting game not because it was at all close (sorry Cubbies) but there were two times during the game that both teams rushed the field.  A first for Nationals Park.  In the past our family has been torn on who to root for at Nate/Cubs games but as time goes on, we're falling more solidly in the Nats fan base.  But still, neither of us could bring ourselves to root against the Cubs.  They're just such lovable underdogs.

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