Monday, September 20, 2010


September has been a busy month, Nate took his first plane ride the weekend of the 11th.  It was just Nate and I for a short trip to Cleveland. The plane wasn't even half full so we had a row all to ourselves. Nate kicked back and stretched out. First class flying for this guy.
nate first boarding pass
nate first flight

He was a great flyer. We flew in the morning which is usually his happiest time and he kept up his positive demeanor for the short flight from BWI to CLE. He was awake the whole time but just looked around and smiled.

The flight home was an evening flight, usually Nate's "witching hour." And I got nervous as we waited and waited and the flight kept getting delayed. But thankfully for the other passengers, he slept most of the trip,  He woke up when we hit some bad turbulence on the descent. While I repeated "please don't cry" over and over again in my head, he was fascinated by the overhead reading lamps and the lighted "no smoking" signs. Not one peep.  Not sure where we'l fly next, but we're excited to take him traveling with us!

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  1. Yay Nate! Sounds like you've got him hooked on traveling already. Anderson wouldn't mind a buddy - maybe we should think about a two family trip somewhere in the future. The picture of him stretching out on the Boppy is too adorable - it might be my favorite photo of him.