Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Rabbit and The Dark

Happy Jewish New Year!  We celebrated Rosh Hashanah yesterday with morning services and then the easiest holiday dinner I've ever made - restaurant reservations.  After traveling all weekend and playing catch up on work, there was no time or energy for making dinner.  Being served (and cleaned up after) was exactly what we needed.  Nate was a big fan of the "goldfish" (gefilte fish - he renamed it, not us) and the matzo ball soup.  Aaron on the other hand, was not a fan of brisket that wasn't made by me or his mother.

Nate was adorable in services.  He doesn't quite grasp the concept of whispering just yet, so we spent most of our time in Temple Shalom's quiet room.  We could see and hear the services, but they couldn't hear us.  When recapping the day's events, Nate told us his favorite parts were the rabbit and the dark.  That's the Rabbi and the Ark for those of you not fluent in Nate-ese.

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