Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Traditions

It's almost December and we're starting to prepare for Hanukkah and Christmas around the house.  Tonight I got the first order of business under way by pulling out Nate's Advent Calendar and filling the compartments.

For those who don't celebrate Christmas, Advent is the Christian season leading up to the Christmas holiday.  Advent calendars are meant to coincide with the start of Advent and count down to Christmas.  Nate's calendar has little doors for each day and each contains a small treat.  He will open one door each night until December 25th.

Filling the calendar was fun.  My Mom and I picked up some small things when I was in Cleveland a few weeks ago - Little People, trucks, socks.  I filled the rest of the spots with snacks like goldfish and yogurt melts (and one or two pieces of leftover Halloween candy).

Last year was fun but as he gets old enough to understand the holidays, we're really looking forward to sharing our traditions with Nate!

Nate's Advent Calendar

Open doors


  1. Love it. We do something similar, but we use the felt hanging thingy and put numbers in them and then the numbers correspond to a present or a treat in a basket...I will have to do a post about it :)

  2. That is so cool, I have never seen/heard anything like that.

  3. today, jeanette and i took joshua to build-a-bear. we saw a hannukah outfit and thought of nate!