Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Boy and His Car

A few months ago Nate discovered the little tikes Cozy Coupe at a playground.  He was instantly in love and every time we've seen on since then, he goes crazy.  So imagine the scene here last Sunday morning when Nate woke up to discover his very own Cozy Coupe!  His grandparents sent him an early Christmas gift hoping he could get some use while it was still warm outside.  Of course, as soon as Aaron put it together, the weather turned too cold for outdoor play.  So now the car lives in our little house.  Nate does not care one bit.  He loves his car.  The first day he got it, he did nothing but sit in the car, get out of the car, put gas in the car.  Now he just needs to figure out how to make it move!

November 13, 2011 (DSC_0723)
Can someone tell me why they added those eyes?  They're creepy.

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  1. His Mommy loved hers too! You know, toys have come a long way from when we were little. But, I agree. What is with the eyes? Why does Cozy Coupe now have a face? He is so sweet! Thanks for posting!