Friday, December 2, 2011

December's Underway

As a follow up to my post on our Advent Calendar, last night was the first night of opening a door.  I showed Nate #1 and he opened it to find a Little People purple alien.  Adorableness as he pulled it out, smiled, and started kissing it.  He clutched it in his little hand and walked around with it for a few minutes.  Then he walked back over the the Advent Calendar, put the alien back in and decided he wanted to open another door.  I guess we have another couple of years before he understands the concept of counting down one night at a time.

Last night I also began tackling the task of gift wrapping.  To keep Nate entertained while I wrapped his Hanukkah gifts, I let him play with some of his not-yet-wrapped Christmas gifts.  All the while thinking to myself, I'm sure this is the last year I can get away with this!  I also tried to share my love of Christmas music with him but that was less successful as he spent the evening using the remote to repeatedly turn the music off.

I'm done with Nate's holiday shopping for both of our family's holiday celebrations.  We have 7 Hanukkah gifts and a charitable idea for the remaining night but Aaron and I are still working out the details.  Of course every time I walk into a store, I'm tempted to buy him more!  I couldn't help myself in Pottery Barn Kids yesterday.  That store is just a landmine of cute things.  It took some self-restraint but I only bought one holiday thing, this really cute Hanukkah plate.  (Dara - I almost bought two but I thought Brendan might kill me if I sent more clutter)


  1. I started wrapping last night too, and I had Christmas music playing, but had to turn it off when itunes kept turning on The Beach Boys and FLeetwood Mac....I guess it was confused :-)

  2. Thanks for thinking of me, but good call! I broken down and bought my bag baby because it was on sale this weekend while I was home. He wouldn't have been the wiser had he not been trying to be nice and help my unpack my bag... oops!