Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Favorite Things

Nate is constant entertainment.  When he was a newborn, people with kids over one told me their kids were "at such a fun age."  And I'd feel defensive of my tiny newborn baby because, come on, he was fun too!  Now I get it.  Babies are cute and cuddly.  But toddlers are hilarious.

Earlier this week we were driving home from daycare and suddenly I hear singing coming from the backseat.  Nate went on singing a made up song for a good few minutes.  (long enough for me to call Aaron and put him on speaker)  I have no idea what the song was but he was so entertained, it was adorable.

Nate's favorite skill these days is "gumping."  Also known as jumping.  I haven't been very successful in capturing his attempt to jump.  He'll walk around stopping every few second to "jump" (he's not able to get his feet off the floor yet) but of course the second I turn the camera on, he's interested in something else.  This is the best I can do so far.

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  1. I can't wait to gump with you next week, handsome buddy!