Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tres Anos

I find parenting to be a constant back-and-forth between, "How has it been three years since you were born?!" and "I cannot remember a life without you."

In the past 365 days, you've stopped sleeping in a crib.  Mister Oso and Mister Monkey are no longer demanded bedtime companions (but you still like your "Peshal Blanket").  Your obsession with Thomas the Tank burned bright and then faded a little when you discovered Daniel Tiger.  And even poor Daniel has started to go by the wayside as you discovered that there is TV beyond PBS Kids.  You adore pizza and apples. You still hate avocado.  In one year, we moved from "Mama and Dada" to "Mommy and Daddy" and now we're mostly "Mom and Dad."  I wish I'd taken more opportunities to get your sweet little voice on camera.

Never in my life have I known someone who could cause such frustration (I'm looking at you, big boy bed and potty training) and spark such intense love (all the other minutes in this year that weren't focused on the aforementioned activities).  You amaze us constantly with your intelligence, your growing sense of humor, and your determination to do things we thought were beyond your two-year-old ability.  And despite your love of jumping, destruction, and general roughhousing, you posses the sweetest love for your baby sister.  We could not be more proud, Nate.

So here's to you, our sweet little Love Bug.  Happy third birthday!



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  1. I couldn't agree more. I cannot remember my world without him, but cannot believe it has been 3 years since I first saw that sweet face! I am so proud of you, sweet boy and so blessed to call you my nephew. Happy birthday....a day that will forever be remembered as life changing for your old Aunt Meghan.