Thursday, July 18, 2013

7 months old

Marg-a-larg is 7 months old today!  Because of summer vacation schedules, she won't have what is technically her six month appointment until next week.  So we don't have stats but I can tell you she's a healthy little girl.  Looks like she might be on the smaller end height wise.  But what she lacks in tallness, she makes up for in cute.

7 months old (DSC_0698)

Just the two bottom teeth so far but you can feel the top two through her gums.  Expecting them to poke through any day.  She's up on her hands and knees and can move if she's really determined to get something.  Daycare tells us she's crawling frequently but around here she seems content to sit and let us bring things to her.

Margaret has a very sweet disposition.  The biggest difference we notice between the two kids is sleep.  Not at home, both kids have always been great in their own cribs.  In fact, I'd probably say Margaret has historically been a better sleeper than her big brother.  (She required exactly zero nights of sleep training.)  But away from home?  That's a different story.  Nate is like his dad, he can sleep anywhere, anytime.  But Margaret seems to know when a crib isn't her own.  It makes traveling with the kids a little more difficult because we have to prepare for a baby who won't sleep through the night and all the crankiness that comes with that.  We don't let it stop us though.  Later this month we're heading to Florida to celebrate Grandma Shirley's 90th.  Then in August and September we have a few trips planned to see family and have some fun.  Lots to write about in the coming months!

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  1. She does possess SO MUCH cute! I love this picture of her, she looks like she is ready for Aunt Meghan to scoop her up & love on her! Thanks for posting, I love keeping up on whatever I can. Your kids entertain me to the fullest. Please post crawling video when it becomes available :-)