Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Another August, another wonderful trip to the Outer Banks.  This year we visited the beach with my Aunt Jacki and Uncle Dick, their four kids (and spouses) and 12 grandchildren.  Also there to enjoy the sun was my aunt's nephew, his wife and their three boys.  If you're counting, that's 15 adults and 16 kids in one house.  Luckily the house was enormous and had plenty of room for a week of fun and relaxation.

Although Nate did very little relaxing.  He spent most of this time tagging along with the big kids.
Ryan, Taegan, Shay, Nate, Avery and Stratton
playing with Logan, Landon and Sam (DSC00645)
playing with Logan, Landon and Sam
Our week included a few rainy days.  But even those days were filled with craft projects for the kids, a birthday party including Nate's first crack at a pinata (Avery and Greyson both turned six!) and a trip to the go-karts.  Poor Nate, too small to ride.  But he loved watching and waving at Dada, Richard and RJ.

And on the sunny days, Nate was a beach fiend.  He loved the sand, the waves and the water.  He couldn't get enough.  We're so happy he's like his parents!
pointing because to get him to look at the camera, we asked him where Cyndy was
And no trip to OBX is complete without a visit to Duck Donuts.  We didn't stay in Duck this time so we thought we'd just have to make the drive to get our sweet breakfast fix.  But lucky us, there is now a Duck Donuts open in Corolla!  Needless to say, Nate enjoyed.  And on Sunday morning, when we were back in Maryland, I overheard Aaron ask Nate where I was.  Nate's reply, "Duck Donuts."  I wish kiddo, I wish.

Duck Donuts (DSC_0843)

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