Friday, August 31, 2012

Baby Check Up

24.5 weeks and another visit to Dr. Sine.  It feels like the weeks are just flying by!  We had an early appointment today so Nate had to come along.  It was fun to introduce him to the doctor who delivered him and he managed to charm everyone in the office.

No news to report which is always good.  A bit slower heartbeat today, mid 130s but then he or she started kicking and we watched the heart rate jump back into the 140-50s.  My favorite nurse let me close my eyes on the scale and then told me I weigh 120 pounds.  Amazing how the baby's getting so much bigger and my weight just keeps shrinking.

The highlight of the visit for Nate was not hearing his brother or sister's heartbeat, but at the end of the appointment he saw his Aunt Kake in the doorway.  I loved seeing his eyes light up as he ran over for a hug. He's too little to understand what it means to see her (and Uncle Anthony) in the doctor's office but I think he'll catch on in another 24 weeks or so.

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