Friday, August 3, 2012

It's A...

Just kidding.  We don't know.  But we did have our 20 week ultrasound this morning and we're happy to report the baby is growing and everything looks great.  Measuring 5 days ahead of my due date and the baby's head is down - both facts that mean absolutely nothing this early in the game.

We got some pictures but nothing really showing the baby.  He or she is very active and quite stubborn.  It took the technician a good amount of time to get the measurements she needed.  And she was very kind to try and get a good picture for us to take home but baby insisted on putting his or her hands in front of the face and turning away from us.

We followed up the sonogram with a brief visit with Dr. Sine.  Heartbeat is strong and loud, coming in around 141 bpm.  Again, we were told this is an incredibly active baby as she had to chase him or her around to get a long enough stretch of heartbeat.

As an interesting lesson, Dr. Sine told us they've changed their practice of circumcision since Nate was born. In 2010, they were still performing circs in the hospital but now they send baby boys to an outpatient service when they're a week old.  The reasons were increased hospital policies which were delaying patient discharge but also an updated recommendation from the AAP that it is healthier for a newborn boy to wait a week instead of 1-2 days.  Turns out the Jewish people had it right all along!

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  1. The Baby Robin is a good pre-birth name for him/her! S/He's always bop-bop-bopping along!