Monday, April 30, 2012

Terrible Twos

Nate is so advanced!  He's a genius!  He's only 21 months and already entering the "terrible twos." *  Lucky, lucky us.

We thought the bad mood was from the HFM.  But Nate got better while his mood did not.  He'll go from smiling and happy to complete and total meltdown in a split second.  And, much to my delight, he seems to save some of his loudest protests for the middle of our dog walks.  Pretty sure my neighbors will be calling CPS any day now.

Most often the tantrums go something like this:

Nate: Cheese
Maura: hands Nate cheese
Nate: No cheese!  No cheese!  (tears and screaming commence)
Maura: Do you want something else?
Nate: No!  Cheese.  Cheese.
Maura: Cheese or no cheese?
Nate: No cheese!
Maura: Okay buddy, you don't have to have cheese.
Nate: screams for another few minutes, then picks up the cheese and happily eats it.

Of course, then he breaks out in his trademark Nate smile and I thank God for my precious son and for making him so adorable and sweet.

This weekend I spent a couple of days in Philly where my cousin Kelly told me she hated to break it to me, but 3 was worse than 2.  So apparently I have that to look forward to.

While we were in Phladelphia and New Jersey this weekend, Aaron was busy driving across the country.  He  left Friday night for Albuquerque to help his friend Khyber move back to Philly.  They left Albuquerque on Saturday morning, passed through Texas and made it all the way to Tulsa.  After a night in what looked like a rather shady sleeping establishment, they got up Sunday and drove to Indiana.  This morning they're about 11 hours from Philadelphia and on their way.  We're hoping to have Aaron back tomorrow!

*Clarification because my mom, my sister Meghan and my friend Kate all took issue with me referring to Nate as "terrible."  I am not calling my child terrible or bad (I know Mom, I know. Your voice will always be in my head.)  The "terrible twos" refers to the stage of two-years-old that is, indeed, terrible.  Not the child who is wonderful.  Most of the time.


  1. just a are those 2 yr old molars coming along???

  2. Haven't you ever gotten a snack and then thought, "Nah, this isn't what I really wanted?" Nate can change his mind too :-) -I know, I know, this is just an example...but I had to stick up for my Godson. This post will forever be available, and I want him to know I tried ;-) Love to my wonderful little man!

  3. Oh yeah - 2 year molars is a good bet. For A, crying out of nowhere for no reason at all ended up being molar pain. We went on like a 6 month motrin bender this summer. And we didn't leave those without chilled teething rings - ha!