Thursday, April 26, 2012

End of April Already?

Back from Boston and we had a great trip, visiting our friends Mary-Ellen and Tim and their daughter Meredith and an afternoon with Conor and Amy!

Nate and Meredith got along famously.  I don't think I've ever seen Nate defer to another kid like he did to Meredith.  If Meredith wanted something he had, he didn't hesitate to give it to her - cups, Elmo, toys, you name it.  There were tears from both kids when we left, it was both heartbreaking and adorable.

The one thing Nate did not enjoy sharing?  A bathtub.

The trip also included a visit to Elmo at Sesame Street Live, a big hit although the show was probably about 30 minutes too long for someone Nate's age.

Unfortunately, by the time we got to see Conor and Amy, Nate was running a fever and not feeling well.  He just wasn't himself.  We figured it out the next day when we realized he had Hand Foot Mouth.  Poor little guy was out of sorts for a couple of days but he's back in good spirits and his rash is nearly gone.  Meredith didn't get so lucky.  Remember all that sharing Nate did?  Apparently it included sharing his nastiest germs because Meredith also came down with HFM but her case seems to be a hundred times worse than Nate's.  Not sure we're getting invited back to visit the Healy family anytime soon.


  1. Uncle Conor mentioned to me the other day that Nate was feverish and not feeling well, but that he was as laid back & chill as ever. I love how sweet he & Meredith are together. I am not loving seeing a picture of him so obviously upset. It's amazing...he'll share Elmo, but not a big bathtub? Interesting, since when I was trying to shower at the Davis house, he stood outside the bathroom door knocking & waiting for me....I love that boy!