Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prince Charming

Happy Valentine's Day!  To celebrate, Nate wore his most dapper outfit (thank you Grandma and Gap Kids) and took in some Valentine's treats for his daycare friends - Goldfish and Dora the Explorer cards.  And of course, a big chocolate filled heart for Miss Tania.

Mom, whatever you're saying is not nearly as interesting as what's on TV.

We are very lucky to have a number of family visits this month.  Things started this past weekend with a brief visit from Nate's Bubbie and Zayde, then his Aunt Meghan is coming tomorrow and finally his Grandma and Grandpa arrive on the 23rd.

Nate's language continues to explode.  We're amazed every day at the new things he is saying.  I wish I could get all his words on camera because his inflection is adorable.  My favorites right now are "Bert" (pronounced Buh-rt) and "mano" (as in, "hold my hand please.")

And his smile.  We are quickly learning that God gave him that adorable smile to compensate for the immense amount of mischief he is going to get into.  Almost daily we're getting stories from daycare of his careful plans to get out of trouble.  One example - Nate was playing with the toy kitchen and standing on the oven door. Raul told him to close the door.  Instead, Nate took a few steps away and started at Raul as if to say, "I'm not doing what you told me to do. Ha!"  Raul took a few steps towards the toy kitchen (and Nate) and suddenly, thinking he was about to get in trouble, Nate looks at Tania and yells "Poo Poo", meaning he has a dirty diaper.  So Tania picks him up and takes him to the changing room and surprise, surprise, no dirty diaper.

Amazing that his brain has developed the reasoning and planning skills to get himself out of trouble.  Scary that he's already outsmarting us all.
Mr. Mischief

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