Wednesday, February 15, 2012

He's All Boy

When my brothers were little they absolutely loved trucks.  I'm sure most little kids do.  And this morning our little boy joined the ranks of millions of kids who love to watch the garbage truck.  According to Tania, "camion" was one of the first clear words Nate said at daycare.  And I noticed a fascination with trucks ("cucks") earlier this week when he spotted a construction truck and stared at it like he'd been hypnotized.

This morning he heard the garbage truck outside and wanted to see.  So Aaron took him to the window in our office to watch the truck do its job.  Then Nate spent the rest of the morning getting away from us to try and spot the truck again.  I thought about grabbing the camera but watching him on his tiptoes, peering out the window was too sweet, I couldn't look away.

1 comment:

  1. at least he calls them "cucks". mimi has fond memories of one of us calling them "druches". joshua called them "fucks". the first time he did it i was driving and he shouted it from the backseat. at the top of his lungs.