Thursday, October 23, 2014

North Carolina

We're back from our second of three planned trips to North Carolina this year.  (the 3rd being a trip to Charlotte in a couple of weeks)

The background for this trip started with our friends Erinn and Dan.  Erinn's parents had a house they'd won at a school auction but had to cancel their plans somewhat last minute. So Erinn invited us, along with two other families, to share the beach house Columbus Day week.

We left after work on Tuesday and stayed until Sunday.  Although we were there off-season, the weather was amazing.  Sunny, clear, and mid-80s every day.  And the house was one lot back from the ocean, so we were easily up and down from the beach all day.

As a thank you to Erinn and Dan for the free week at the beach, we hired a family photographer to take pictures on the beach.  I'm anxiously awaiting the files to see what she managed to capture!  In the menatime, some of the great shots we caught with our little camera.

Nate and his buddy Chase:

Margo being Margo:IMG_2052

Perhaps the best $11 I've ever spent. Kept them busy all week.
Levi, Nate, Callum, Maggie, Chase

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