Tuesday, October 14, 2014


So yes. We took the summer off from updating our family and friends about what we were up to. I guess we were just having too much fun to take time to tell people how much fun we were having.

So here's the quick summer update - started the summer with a trip to Lake Anna with our friends, spent lots of time at the pool, took a Davis family trip to the Outer Banks, and then Nate started a new school. And somewhere in there, Nate turned four years old.

Also this summer, Nate started Tae Kwon Do. He's been asking to do so since he's was probably about Margo's age. So we enrolled him in June and he's loving it.  He recently graduated to a new belt, Orange.  And he's working towards the next belt.

More about the new school. After 4 years with Tania and Raul, we thought it was time for Nate to move into a more structured, classroom setting. Not only for education, but also for social and behavior. He's an energetic kid (to say the least). We needed him to have more stimulation and ability to burn off some of that little-boy-energy. We're also debating when he will start Kindergarten. He's eligible to start in 2015. But his birthday is five weeks before the cutoff, making him one of the youngest kids in the class. Our hope is that observing him in a classroom setting will give us a better idea of whether we start him in 2015 or wait until he's six-years-old.

The report from school is great. He loves it and has made lots of friends. He's already been to three birthday parties in the less than two months he's been in school.

We love the teachers and the school community. Last Friday I went along on the class field trip to a pumpkin patch. You haven't lived until you've frantically chased four 4/5-year-old boys through a hay maze that's too high to see over the sides.

Margaret took a little while to adjust to not having Nate with her at TandR's but she seems okay now. She's growing so much and her vocabulary develops every day. Although we have the same problem we had with Nate. I think she's saying gibberish but she'll actually be speaking her version of Spanish. So she's a little delayed in English but we know from experience that it's normal and she'll catch up without issue.

This week we're headed back to North Carolina for a beach week with our friends. It's going to be 8 adults and 9 kids (6 boys!), should be a very loud and crazy week.

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