Wednesday, July 27, 2011

happy birthday Nate!

If you follow our pics on flickr or google buzz, you might be wondering why we haven't posted recently (except for fuzzy cell phone shots).  Murphy's Law - the week before our baby turns one, our camera breaks.  Aaron sent it back to Nikon and they're repairing it.  But that means we were without our camera for Nate's birthday.  I have an old digital camera, back when 3 megapixels was cutting edge.  Thankfully my friend Lindsay is a professional photographer and kindly offered to shoot some pictures of the day. She put one up on my facebook wall and she's incorporating the rest with the digital images from our family session with her this weekend.

Nate's party was a success, camera or no camera.  We had about 30 adults and 13 kids.  I was praying for no rain because there was no room in our house for all those people.  Luckily the rain held off but it was quite warm.  This didn't bother the little ones though.  We set up two baby pools and a slide and the kids had a ball.

My Dad was able to get a couple of good pictures.
What the heck is this thing and why did you light it on fire?


And I like this shot of Nate and my Dad because you can kind of see the wonderful chaos that was our backyard on Sunday.


  1. Happy Birthday Nate - your present is going in the mail VERY soon.

  2. I love that picture because Grandparents are so so special, and I know how very much all 4 of Nate's love him! So glad to see how much fun you had. We love you all very very much!!!