Monday, July 18, 2011

Due Date

Yesterday was the anniversary of my due date with the little man and it's hard to believe an entire year has gone by since I wrote this blog post.  It's funny to read everyone referring to Nate as he/she or him/her, hard to beleive it was Nate in there.
38 weeks (DSC_3665)

We started what could have been his birthday with a gorgeous morning swim.  Nate's taking lessons at our swim club and even though he's the youngest in the class, he's the most fearless.  No tears for that guy.

After swimming and his nap, we celebrated baby Will's baptism with a trip to church and more swimming.  Sam and Will have a great baby pool/slide set-up in their backyard and it occupied Nate until he nearly fell asleep in the pool.

Another nap and then on to our evening celebration - a trip to Dairy Queen!  Nate got his first taste of ice cream by sharing my Oreo Blizzard.  That's motherly love, not only sharing my ice cream but ordering peanut-free Oreo instead my usual Reese's so that we could share.

This week we're getting ready for Nate's birthday party and looking forward to his Grandma and Grandpa's arrival on Thursday night.

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  1. Love you, little buddy! I can't believe it was only 1 year ago that we were all waiting for your official arrival. We're so sorry we can't celebrate with you this weekend, but know that we are celebrating you!