Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hitting the slopes

Last weekend we took Nate on his first ski trip.  We're looking forward to when he's old enough to join in the skiing fun.
My cousins rented a house in West Virginia right on the mountain and we had a nice weekend with their family.  Baby Nate (as the kids call him) loved being around his big cousins and they were great with him.  Aaron and I were amazed at how fast the Pratt kids have grown up.  When Aaron met RJ for the first time, he was Nate's age.  Now he's beating Aaron down the mountain.
Baby Nate and his big cousins (DSC_4497)
Shailey, Taegan, Nate, Tommy and RJ

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  1. Aw, Nate! You'll be on the slopes before we know it. Although, your Schnakenburg relatives may be trying to get you on a board over skis :-) I've seen you in action....I can't wait to hear about how quickly you are swooshing & slaloming. Love you, sweet nephew!