Friday, January 14, 2011

a new trick

Today brought a second tooth and a new trick, pulling himself up.  He tried it out last night but he seemed to have a long way to go.  So imagine my surprise when I picked him up at daycare and Tania told me he'd managed to pull himself up just like the big kids.  And then he performed for us by puling himself up on his crib.  Aaron quickly learned how to lower the crib mattress.  Between this and the crawling, tomorrow you can find us shopping for baby proofing tools.



  1. Oh, Nate. You're growing & changing so quickly. As our Poppy would say, "I'm gonna put a brick on your head!"

    Congrats on the teeth & all the new tricks. I'm so proud of you my sweet little buddy!

  2. Our Dr. Office has that "painting" on the wall in one of the exam rooms and Avery and I were going through it yesterday :) Love it!