Saturday, January 22, 2011


Nate's been working on the crawl since early December but now he's up on his hands and knees most of the time.  It is amazing to watch his progression day-to-day.  Two clips below taken a day apart and you can see that he's steadier on Friday than he was on Thursday.

My favorite thing about the first video is the look on Nate's face when Aaron comes home from work.  This happens every time his Dad walks into the room.  So precious.  You'll also see two of Nate's favorite things - the dog and trying to walk.  He loves Guinness and constantly tries to reach out and pet him.  Guinness prefers not to be bothered.

He is also quite adept at pulling himself up to a standing position.  You name it, he'll use it to help himself stand including the coffee table, bookshelves, mommy and even the other kids at daycare.  I tried to get video of the standing but it's tough to capture when I'm also his spotter.

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  1. Wow! Talk about a boy who loves his Daddy! I didn't even realize at first that I started smiling too...Nate, your smile is literally contagious! I love how in the 2nd video, he seems so over crawling, getting up on his toes when he crawls...if could manage to balance, he'd much prefer to be on his legs than all fours. I think you guys will have your hands full when he gets bigger! Miss you all. Love you, sweet nephew!